about us

"Love for Made in Italy and extreme luxury meet in Palazzo Romano".

Palazzo Romano is a company offering services to both Italian companies who want to tap into new markets, and to private and non private clients who want to design and furnish their areas only with quality Made in Italy products.

Palazzo Romano is located in Dubai and is established after many years of experience in the United Arab Emirates: from the management of a project from Tuscany in 1999 of 150 Italian companies from various industries, to the representation of some companies in the furnishing sector, to the opening of showrooms and providing guidance and expertise to interior design companies.

An intense path, constantly focused in searching and optimizing the Italian excellencies, especially in the furnishing sector: a path that in 2012, brought to the opening of Palazzo Romano ,a sort of virtual bridge between Dubai and Italy, organized in order to supply integrated two way services, putting in contact a foreign request and an Italian offer with in common the passion for beauty, quality, artisan details and luxury finishing.

Palazzo Romano has a general trading and an import license to all the commodities sectors; supplies any service linked to import; plans and manages interior design solutions and carries out researches on Italian companies and niche products, style and budget of reference, maximizing quality and competitiveness.

Created around a team of professionals, Palazzo Romano can assist its clients from any stand point, also for communication services _ through its Press and PR office _ and legal assistance services.

Marco Moscardi
Founder and Owner